VMware Beaconing

I just read Beaconing Demystified: Using Beaconing to Detect Link Failures, and I have to say I am still confused. Why do this? With 3 or more uplinks in a team, we can pin point failures of a single uplink. With 2 uplinks in a team, we can detect downstream link failure, but we don’t […]

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Benefits of Virtualization

I’ll admit it. I was skeptical about the virtualization hype. I am not a big fan of adding overhead with no point- X on a server machine for example. The products I had played with were early on- Xen, Qemu, and other ones like that. They, frankly, sucked. About half a year ago, though, I […]

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Fragmented efforts

Having had a friend at a party last night tell me about some new Linux distro he was playing with, I found myself wondering… Which inevitably led to wandering. Now I am pondering why, exactly, there need to be 326 linux distros out there.

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