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Google Reader

I’ve been using Google Reader, and found this nifty JS: Also, the feed for my shared items is here.

Caprica, Enders Game, and transhumanism

I just watched the pilot for Caprica, and I must say I am impressed. Without getting too deep into spoiler-land, it tells the tale of the first Cylons, and continues to explore a subject dear to my heart: transhumanism.

First successful reversal of extinction: Welcome back, Pyrenean ibex!

As seen on The Telegraph, by way of /.. This is not as exciting as it seems, as the ibex died after delivery. Even less exciting, it was cloned using a very similar species plus some DNA from the extinct ibex. The exciting part here is that the creature was feasible in utero, implying the […]

CrunchPad dies at the 11th hour?

The CrunchPad was slated to be a cool, sub-$300, Linux-based tablet PC. It was excitedly anticipated by a lot of geeks, myself included. Apparently Fusion Garage, the manufacturing partner of Tech Crunch in the CrunchPad endeavor, has decided they just going to sell the thing themselves without Tech Crunch being involved: But the email went […]

A letter to Google, my Information Overlord

Dearest Google, You are my Information Overlord(term c/o @ncc1701p). You control my schedule, my email, my voicemail and SMS… You control the horizontal and the vertical. I like your Kool-aid, and it tastes better and better the more I drink. That said, there are glaring flaws and gaps in your systems that need to be […]