So I finally bit the bullet and bought a Motorolla Droid. It’s an Android 2.0 phone, meaning it has a ton of functionality. Frankly put, it’s the best damn phone I ghave ever had. I loved my Blackberry 8830… I loved my Treo 650 in its day. But this phone easily blows them all away- it’s a real game-changer for me.

Highlights include a 5 MP camera, wifi, Bluetooth, Micro-SD slot (16GB included!), multi-touch touchscreen, slide out keyboard, GPS, and accelerometers. All of this is wrapped in a solid, sexy, angular black and gold chassis. The screen is high-res and bright.

This device is, simply put, brilliant. The core functionality is strong- it’s tied in to my Google account(which is good because Google is the meatball in my spaghetti) and it was remarkably easy to integrate. 5 minutes out of the box and I had it tied to my Calendar, my GMail (for multiple accounts), my Picasa, my Google Talk… It all worked easily and quickly.

I proceeded to add a few apps I have found useful, courtesy of my buddy Louis and/or the app store. Here are a few of my favorites so far:

Layar : This thing is COOL. It’s an augmented reality app. I will get more into AR in another post… It’s a topic I am excited about.

ShopSavvy : Another cool AR app that helps you scan barcodes and instantly price out the online AND brick and mortar competition… This thing alone will probably pay for the cost of the Droid within 2 months.

Google Goggles : Very cool AR app that helps you google search visually. It looked at a piece of art on my wall and correctly IDed the artist AND the painting(Athena by Michael Parkes), then showed me some relevant search results.

Twidroid : This is a full-featured Twitter widget. It works well and is fast.

Labyrinth Lite : Labyrinth, with no knobs, eWood, and a silver ball that auto-resets. Fun and highlights the precision of the accelerometers.

Last.fm : Kind of cool when you have wifi around :)

Foursquare : Allows you to “check in” to places you go. Kind of fun, and you can find tips from other people (or just keep track of where your pals are when you are out and about)

Yelp :  The yelp app is sadly read-only. That said, it works fine in that regard and can filter by things like “is cheap” and “is open right now” , and it can guide you in via GPS.

All told, the Droid is a solid machine with an incredible amount of functionality and I am excited about exploring it further.

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