I have an XBox and a Wii downstairs, and hopefully soon a blu-ray player, all of which require net connectivity. Upstairs is the office, with a desktop, an older laptop (it’s the media box upstairs now), and the possibility of other wired connections for temporary gear I may be working on. Since we rent, I decided a wireless bridge was the way to go.

I got a new v8 WRT54G router and installed it as my new firewall/gateway, then took my old one(a v1 WRT54GS) and flashed the firmware to the latest stable DD-WRT build. Several years ago I played with OpenWRT while working at an ISP. We had a program where we offered free internet + wifi to cafes if they displayed our ad first thing when a user connected, and that was how we implemented it. Regardless, it had been a few years since I looked at these projects and I have to say the DD-WRT project is quite impressive. 2 hours later I had a wireless bridge downstairs(soon to be a repeater also so I get better wifi on the patio- presently however that functionality is buggy in DD-WRT) and I go rid of the ugly blue cable snaking down the stairs.

I’d highly advise anyone with some technical skill and a compatible router to take a look at this project. It’s got a ton of cool functionality, and it seems a lot less buggy than the standard Linksys firmware.

Edit: Apparently, I’m not the only one doing this ;)

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