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RIP Randy Pausch

Randy Pausch wrote a lecture, his last, after finding out he had pancreatic cancer. Several months ago, he succumbed. I was crawling my bookmarks doing a re-org and found this gem. If you haven’t watched this, do so. I promise, it’s worth it.

Fragmented efforts

Having had a friend at a party last night tell me about some new Linux distro he was playing with, I found myself wondering… Which inevitably led to wandering. Now I am pondering why, exactly, there need to be 326 linux distros out there.

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I am available for consulting work. I bill per-project or per-hour, and I do not charge for project management time (within reason). I charge reasonable rates, TBD upon discussion of the project or task. I am skilled in Perl, MySQL, Linux administration, VMWare GSX/ESXi virtualization, automation, migrations, architecture design and implementation, optimization, and can pick […]

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Hello world!

I just set this domain up as a place where I can talk about the technologies I work with and the unique and interesting problems they pose. Hopefully, I’ll post something some sad wayward soul will find on Google some day, searching for their own solution to some hairy problem.

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